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September 17, 2011

Introducing for the Very First Time: MRS Bhumika Patel

It’s that time in my life, where I’ve just started to get wedding invites, solely addressed to myself. Oh dear, I can’t remember the last time I met a boy that mildly fascinated me for more than 5 minutes, and my friends are getting married.

But when you come from a fantastic line of 14 Founding Mothers (Biggest line in the nation other than NFMS, just saying) – it is the MOST exciting moment when your first line sister sends you that SAVE THE DATE Email! And, without a second thought of course, I found myself booking flights, packing outfits and jewellery, and dragging myself on one of my favourite flight destinations, Chicago Bound!

One thing I’ve learnt from weddings is that, they’re all very crazy, and a very very different experience for the guests attending and the bride herself! So, although I had an absolutely fabulous time at the wedding, I really wanted to know what the bride herself was going through.. and more of the detail behind the scenes.

Introducing, (now), Mrs Bhumika Patel, a founding mother and graduate of Purdue University. Bhumika (Femi #10) was a Environmental Science Health Major, who was then accepted into the Myron E. Rubitz Medical Technology Program at Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Hospital in Hines, IL. She is now, wedding chaos all over, currently working in the blood bank department at Hines VA Hospital.

The first thing, EVERYONE wants to know, when weddings come about, is how did he propose? Bhumika and her now husband, Ankur, were in Florida for a friends wedding, when he guided her away from their friends at the bar to go to a beach in Fort Lauderdale to look for seashells for their friends’ honeymoon suite.

“I am not kidding you these seashells were tiny and hard to find. I was starting to get annoyed and was telling Ankur maybe we should just get seashells from a craft store and put those in suite. Ankur was like “no no maybe we should dig deeper into the sand we’ll find more there.” I told him “I’m not digging I just got my nails done!” So here is Ankur digging away at the sand and I’m still looking for shells on top of the sand. Finally Ankur yells out to me and tells me to come over he just found a bunch of shells in the hole he just dug up. I’m walking over to him and suddenly this wave comes in filling in this hole Ankur just dug up with water he quickly picks something up and turns around on his knee asking me to marry him! I am in utter shock, it felt like it was a dream of some sort and everything around me started to feel unreal here is the man of my dreams asking me to marry him! He is telling me “I know that you’ve waited so long for this day to come and I could not be any happier to ask you to be my wife.”  He said some other stuff but I have no clue what he was saying after that because I was practically shocked and crying. People that were around the beach were clapping and cheering. It was just perfect.”

Before the wedding, Bhumika was “stressed to the max”, and called our line sister, and one of the bridesmaids, Aparna, to help her with making the appointments and keep lists and Aparna graciously took on the full role of being her personal assistant! During the preparations Bhumika describes that..

“It was a crazy emotional roller coaster for me but those burst of excitement just made me realize that all this was worth the end result of two us starting our new life together.”

Just to say, I was actually at this wedding, and if Bhumika was stressing out, you couldn’t notice it for a moment. Every single event was absolutely beautiful and it felt like every single moment had been meticulously considered and planned to the T. As guests, between our changing and moving around (and by this I mean, from one place that served alcohol, to another), we didn’t really know what was going through Bhumi’s mind..

“Around the time of the wedding I was actually very calm, sometimes a little stressed, but all in all most of it I was calm since I had a great support group that took control of any situation, especially my sister Nikita. She looked more stressed then me but she made sure I didn’t have to deal with any last minute situations so I could actually enjoy my wedding.

During the wedding, I was so emotional it didn’t hit me that this was my wedding until I was standing by the door ready to walk down the aisle. I felt this sudden blanket of joy/excitement/nervousness overcome me. I hardly cry when it comes to happy moments I just smile a lot when others are crying around me, my line sisters can vouch for me on that, but being in that moment walking down the aisle and everyone’s eyes were fix on me just brought me to tears. I was so nervous when I got up to the mandap had no clue what I was doing, but when they took down the cloth that Ankur was hiding behind I felt so at ease. Both of us just stared at each other and we were both crying saying soft “I love you” to each other. 

After the wedding it was reception times I exhausted but excited to finally celebrate! That night it was perfect just seeing everyone all there to celebrate mine and Ankur’s wedding! “

To top of a perfect couple of days.. and the union of a PERFECT couple, Ankur let Bhumika know just before the reception that he was whisking her off the very next day to a honeymoon in Rome and Paris. I do know this was a long post, and I do hope I managed to keep your attention, but there was very little of Bhumi’s words that I felt I could leave out because it genuinely was a gorgeous experience. I’ll leave you all with a few words from the bride, and advice for future brides, and well.. just anyone going through the crazy stress we call life:

Step back and remember that no matter how perfect it is or not that everyone is already looking at the perfection that is reflected upon the love you have for one another. Enjoy this moment it will go by so fast that you’ll wish you could relive it again. 

Purdue University Founding Mothers and Our Dean =)