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May 20, 2012

Do you think this Alumna will make it to 10 National Conferences?

1. UH-Houston,TX

2. Depaul-Chicago, IL

3. UT-Austin, TX

4. UMCP-Maryland

5. FIU-Miami,Fl

6. Gamma-Philadelphia PA

7. Rutgers-Newark, NJ

That’s how many National Conferences Anita Patel (Founding Mother of UF Colony) has been to. Here’s what Anita has to say:

I was encouraged to attend my first conference by my RT, who were NFM.  It was amazing to meet so many sisters from around the country (many who are my close friends today…….).  This weekend I will be a bridesmaid at Devitri’s wedding, who I met at my first conference in Houston TX!  Each conference has led to many memories and a lifetime of friendship that has surpassed the miles between us, moving, life events, and most of all time.  Each year I continue to meet a new generation of sisters, and aside from having a great time, I think it’s important for us to discuss the future of our organization.  When you become an alumnus, its truly an honor to say you are a part of the Greek system and a member of a sorority to your employer and colleagues.  It’s very important to me that DPO is represented as the great service and professional organization that it was founded as.  I think conference has been the perfect place to revisit our purpose and show off how strong the sorority has become.  So it goes without saying, you will meet me at the next national conference in WASHINGTON DC !!

See you there 😉

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