Are you registered for National Conference yet? Come meet this Baller Sister!

With early registration extension coming to an end soon, are you ready to go? I met Roshanee Bindra (Iota Chapter) at Rutgers, New Brunswick conference last year – and I’m super excited for round 2 with her!!

Here’s Roshanee’s take on National Conference:

Delta phi omega conference … Now when I see those words I get this happiness in my stomach which then causes me to start smiling and planning. Every time I have attended conference I knew I would have another unforgettable experience under my belt. Conference is the epitome of meeting new sisters, of course our (DPO’s) expansion is vast and my travel plans these days minimal but keeping mileage points aside conference brings our sorority together as we so rightly brag about. The new faces, moments and learning always has pushed my respect towards my fellow sisters higher then I thought last possible. Bottom line? Delta Phi omega has been known to have the best, be the best and represent the best. So easily said conference is always the best, every year better, and more unforgettable. The laughs , memories and most importantly the show of sisterhood has never failed to blow me away.

Are you coming this year to experience it as well with me?

If you haven’t registered yet, stop wasting time! This is going to be Epic.


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