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May 29, 2012

National Conference – An NFM Experience!

Coming to National Conference isn’t just meeting current actives around the nation, its about finding out about the girls who founded this organization. Unfortunately, Manisha Vakharia (National Founding Mother) won’t be making it this year, but here’s her experience of past NC’s she’s attended!

In the few times I was blessed enough to be able to attend the conferences, I was overwhelmed by the sense of unity, enthusiasm and heartfelt joy. As I stepped foot into the door of the banquet hall, never in my life have I felt more proud of the hard work everyone had put in to get here today. This isn’t limited to the founders or alumni, but to each and every individual that was present. It’s that amazing feeling and unconventional love for each other that keeps me wanting to be with everyone each and every time….I love DPO and all the amazing women part of it.”

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May 28, 2012

Are you registered for National Conference yet? Come meet this Baller Sister!

With early registration extension coming to an end soon, are you ready to go? I met Roshanee Bindra (Iota Chapter) at Rutgers, New Brunswick conference last year – and I’m super excited for round 2 with her!!

Here’s Roshanee’s take on National Conference:

Delta phi omega conference … Now when I see those words I get this happiness in my stomach which then causes me to start smiling and planning. Every time I have attended conference I knew I would have another unforgettable experience under my belt. Conference is the epitome of meeting new sisters, of course our (DPO’s) expansion is vast and my travel plans these days minimal but keeping mileage points aside conference brings our sorority together as we so rightly brag about. The new faces, moments and learning always has pushed my respect towards my fellow sisters higher then I thought last possible. Bottom line? Delta Phi omega has been known to have the best, be the best and represent the best. So easily said conference is always the best, every year better, and more unforgettable. The laughs , memories and most importantly the show of sisterhood has never failed to blow me away.

Are you coming this year to experience it as well with me?

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May 20, 2012

Do you think this Alumna will make it to 10 National Conferences?

1. UH-Houston,TX

2. Depaul-Chicago, IL

3. UT-Austin, TX

4. UMCP-Maryland

5. FIU-Miami,Fl

6. Gamma-Philadelphia PA

7. Rutgers-Newark, NJ

That’s how many National Conferences Anita Patel (Founding Mother of UF Colony) has been to. Here’s what Anita has to say:

I was encouraged to attend my first conference by my RT, who were NFM.  It was amazing to meet so many sisters from around the country (many who are my close friends today…….).  This weekend I will be a bridesmaid at Devitri’s wedding, who I met at my first conference in Houston TX!  Each conference has led to many memories and a lifetime of friendship that has surpassed the miles between us, moving, life events, and most of all time.  Each year I continue to meet a new generation of sisters, and aside from having a great time, I think it’s important for us to discuss the future of our organization.  When you become an alumnus, its truly an honor to say you are a part of the Greek system and a member of a sorority to your employer and colleagues.  It’s very important to me that DPO is represented as the great service and professional organization that it was founded as.  I think conference has been the perfect place to revisit our purpose and show off how strong the sorority has become.  So it goes without saying, you will meet me at the next national conference in WASHINGTON DC !!

See you there 😉

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May 16, 2012

I’m going to National Conference 2012. Are you?

National Conference 2012 registration deadline is coming up quickly – are you planning on registering?

I’ve round up a couple of alumnae, who are going to tell you their DPO Conference stories, but since I’m the voice behind this blog, I thought it only fair to tell you mine first.

I went to my first conference 4 years ago, I had just crossed 4 months prior, and me and 5 of my line sisters jumped on a plane, and flew to Miami, Florida. We were all kind of overwhelmed, and nervous, me particularly because I really don’t mesh well in a HUGE groups of girls. Honest to god, it freaks me out. And, well, here’s something a little bit personal but, the morning of conference, I had a really early flight, and I’d asked my best friend from Zimbabwe to wake me up at 7am. So when an unknown call came through at 7am, I answered it haphazardly without any worry. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my best friend waking me up, it was my sister.. letting me know my grandmother had passed away.

Being in West Lafayette Indiana, and my family back home in Zimbabwe, and summer finals in a week – it wasn’t an option at the time to jump up and fly home. So my parents told me to the best thing to do was keep on trucking, and not to cancel my plans to Miami.

While I’d be lying to say it was the smoothest three days of my life, if there’s one way to distract yourself, its by having over 100 sisters in the same place, reminding you that you’re not alone. We got roomed with girls from USF, now Lambda chapter, and hit it off immediately! I still remember the girls I met at NC in Miami like it was yesterday. And I’ve met a lot of people through being on National Council and other DPO committees, however the Tampa Girls (who I also got to hang out with in London) and the Texas Girls (who we were reunited with again at OSU-TX) and singing on the bus, and running down to the beach at midnight to draw deltas in the sand, and learning the “TAKE A SHOT” chant, and the call, and realizing, #4’s are the best numbers nation wide ;).

I definitely CANNOT forget learning the 5 stages of FAWKWARD. Unfortunately, if you’re a new active, we’re not letting you in on that until you get there. 😉

Let’s just say, during a rough time, it’s good to know you have a ridiculously huge family to keep you on your feet.

I’m pretty sure its that National Council, and that weekend with my line sisters, that kept me going this long and I’m definitely excited to experience it this summer and reunite with some of the girls I met 4 years ago.

I’m going to National Conference 2012 in Washington DC, are you?