Where Are We Now?

As many of you will know, I recently ended my term of two years of being on Delta Phi Omega National Council, this past year being National President.

In the past two years, I’ve heard various stories and tales of success, failure, inspirational, motivational.. and just plain random, and a little odd. I’ve been trying to start this blog for about a year, but, well, being on DPO National Council can be a little bit of a busy endeavour.. and I never had the time to clear my thoughts out enough to start on yet another one of my crazy projects.

Firstly, a Little Bit About Me:
Born in the UK, I was raised in Zimbabwe and completed my tertiary education at Purdue University, in Indiana where I had the AMAZING opportunity to become one of the Founding Mothers of Delta Phi Omega, Purdue University Colony. I now reside in the UK, and have since I graduated from Purdue 3 years ago. I’m an Accountant by profession yet have a passion for all things design, techy, blogg-ish and consider myself a little bit of a geek!

A Little Bit About This Blog:
I plan on going on a crazy little hunt to find all our amazing alum out there, what they are up to.. where they ended up and any words of wisdom they might have. After 11 Years of Existence, I’m pretty sure this will take a lot of digging around and research, and I already have a couple of ideas lined up.. so I’m pretty excited =)

If you have any body you wish to recommend to me, anyone whose story you’d like to hear.. or any ideas in general – please feel free to email me at dpo.fara@gmail.com.

Much Love from London x

P.S. Please bare with the British spelling you are bound to encounter reading this 😉


5 Comments to “Where Are We Now?”

  1. Great idea Trisha!! I’d love to hear more about what our NFM’s are doing 🙂 And even past NC members.

  2. Love it! This page is now bookmarked 🙂 Let’s see who gets to be in the hall of fame.

  3. Love the idea behind this, great job 🙂 Looking forward to meeting new and reconnecting with old alumnae!

  4. Love this idea Trisha— I’m going to forward the link to the Kappa Chapter Alumni Listserve. It’s really nice to see what sisters go on to achieve after college.

    Roshni S. Bastian, MPH
    Alumni Advisor
    Delta Phi Omega Sorority Inc.
    (703) 307-3432

  5. Love this idea!! I have it bookmarked and I will be sure to check out your personal blog. I love blogs and blogging!!

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